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A smile makes all the difference
Photo Courtesy: Zach Mayhew


Customer service in business is as important as having a service or good to provide to the customer. If you have great customer service, your customer will remember and return time and time again. But if you have bad customer service, word spreads quickly and you will lose more than just one customer.

Having great customer service when a customer calls your company is also important. This could be the customer’s first contact with you or follow-up to a question they have been trying to answer. In order to provide each customer with good customer service, I like to follow three simple steps.

First, leave your troubles at the door. When you are in your place of business, you are there to work. Focus on the task at hand and do not let your personal life interfere with your work life.

Leaving your personal life at the door leads to the second most important step: wear a smile. Although your customer can not see you, if you wear a smile, you will come across as polite, helpful and happy. It is impossible to smile and speak in a tone that could strike your customer in the wrong way. Simultaneously, some companies even mandate that customer service agents have mirrors at their computers so they can be sure to check for the smile as they speak.

Last, make sure every customer phone call ends with the customer feeling better about your company than before you answered. This can be achieved in many ways. Listening and providing your customer with the right information is most important to having a happy customer.

If a customer calls with a problem or complaint, listen closely to what they have to say and then help resolve the problem. Sometimes you may not be able to help that customer, but you know another company that can. Pointing the customer in the right direction will show that although your company cannot help, you are there to serve the customer. Customers will not forget who pointed them in the right direction and likely will call you next time your services match their needs.

Customer service on the phone is important for keeping the customers coming back to your business. Remember, the customer is calling you for your expertise. Show them you and your company are there to help. It will leave a lasting impression and will help your business thrive for years to come.

About the Author

Zach Mayhew
Product Associate, Cabela's Grand Island
Zach has worked in the customer relations call center for seven years as a product associate.  Zach is a 2009 graduate of Hastings College and owns Zach Mayhew Photography.

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