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UNK student follows passion for parks and recreation

The process of deliberating upon and deciding what one wants to do when they grow up can be a long and difficult process. However, this may be avoided with preparation and a bit of research.

Some personal advice: look at your life and find what you enjoy the most or what things you excel at more than others! Whether your talents revolve around technology, nature, business or medicine, try to go into a field where a job feels like play, simply because of how much appreciation you have for it.

My realization of what I truly wanted to get into took longer than I anticipated. After a little time off, some research and preparation, I came back to UNK and declared my major as Park and Recreation Management with an emphasis in Travel and Tourism.

Now, as a senior, I feel confident enough to say I am ready to begin my next great endeavor in life. I have been prepared well by the professors and the program plans they laid out for the students.

My professors, Dr. Stephen Amundson and Dr. Marta Moorman, are special to me. From organization to future planning, these teachers are shining examples of success. They inspire their students to be great; not just by teaching, but by sharing personal examples in a collegiate setting that helps students understand specific situations they may encounter.

While in this major, I have had the privilege to not only learn through books and my professors, but also through fieldwork. This major provides opportunities for students to study in Kearney and the surrounding areas. I had the opportunity to work in the city of Lexington. While there, I conducted research on the town and community, discovering how their tourism businesses affected the economy.

I also had the opportunity to get involved with the local park and recreation department in Kearney. I learned what it takes to successfully run a proper community event.

Both of these assignments provided knowledge about what it feels like to be in the field and what it takes to be successful, not just by what we learned, but from the teaching and connections of other experienced members as well.

As I move into my career, the confidence, organizational skills and information I have obtained from my professors will be used to reassure families, even many generations from now, they will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature I have been so lucky to see! I feel prepared for the next chapter. Now, how are you going to prepare?

About the Author

Torry Jay Hull
UNK '16
TJ is a senior at UNK majoring in park and recreation management with an emphasis in travel and tourism. He plans to graduate in the spring of 2016 and hopes to be accepted into the Montana State graduate program. He wants to one day work at Glacier National Park or Yellowstone.

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