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Public library offers valuable resources for business owners

When most folks think of the public library, they think storytimes, summer reading and picture books. But did you know that the library is also a valuable resource for your business? We aren’t just talking about some great books on long form accounting and starting your own LLC. The Hastings Public Library has a number of other resources to help make your business grow and prosper.

A to Z Database []

This is a one-stop resource for information about local and national businesses. Are you trying to create a custom mailing list to advertise your services to area businesses? You can very easily create a list of potential clients from the criteria you designate (e.g. zip code, annual revenue, business sector [NAICS codes]) and then download that information to use in your own business contact software. A to Z Database also provides phone number lookup for households, job searching, background checks and email services, all for the low cost of having your library card.

Value Line

Value Line is an online tool that helps you quickly and easily track your stock and mutual fund investments. The site is designed to get investors to the right place as quickly as possible, while giving the most current general information right on the dashboard. With two clicks you can look into the details of any stock that can be traded, or search for a specific stock right from the quick search bar at the top of the page. Additionally, you can explore historical stock data, business profiles, SEC filings, projections, earnings, valuations and more. Even more helpful, under the investment education tab, you can get information about trading, mutual funds and using the site to your advantage. Again, this product is brought to you free by the public library.

Free digital magazines

Digital magazines are another great business tool we offer for free with your public library card. From the library’s homepage you can checkout, manage and read over 130 magazines including Newsweek, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc. and WIRED for the business minded individual, as well as hobbyist magazines like ArtNEWS, Outside, Men’s Health, Woodworker’s Journal and Popular Photography. Magazines checked out never have a due date and never disappear. When you check it out, it’s like you’ve bought the magazine for yourself and it only goes away when you delete it. Better still, there is never a waiting list. All digital magazines are able to be used by hundreds of users at the same time.

The library also comes equipped with 24/7 high speed wireless access and plenty of seating areas that allow someone to come in with their own device, get some business accomplished while having a table to spread out on, and enjoy the relatively quiet atmosphere of the library (silence cannot be guaranteed). 

Lastly, the library is certainly a place where one can learn new information or use the tools offered by the library to do better at work, but we also offer a lot of digital content strictly for entertainment. Library users can check out music albums, TV shows and movies using Hoopla. Library users can also stream new music and download individual songs to keep forever using Freegal. Both are completely free with a library card and provide hours of entertainment. For more information, call or email me at the Hastings Public Library.

About the Author

Jake Rundle
Technology Librarian, Hastings Public Library

Jake is the technology librarian at Hastings Public Library. He has been with HPL since 2011.  In his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit, audio books and reading on the porch. 


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