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Planting the seeds to grow a successful team

Photo Courtesy, Hal Maggiore

Photo Courtesy: Hal Maggiore

Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT was established 55 years ago. I have always felt that our employees have been a major key to our company’s success. Let me share some information about how we continue to be a successful employer, how we find good, long-term, quality employees and how we work to keep these employees happily employed by Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT.

We recommend employers consider reaching out to applicants whose expertise matches the requirements of their company. Employers can reach out to upcoming graduates who have specialized in areas that relate to their company.

We reach out to those persons who have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in specific aspects of our business. We also reach out to upcoming graduates who have specialized in major areas of our business, such as the Grain and Feed industry, Agronomy and other related fields that directly tie to our business.

In recruiting personnel for our own business, we offer advancement opportunities, the ability to grow with our business and help our business grow. We also provide above-average benefits for our employees. It is important that your compensation package and benefits plan be competitive. Do you have additional training or continued education available or offered to your employees?  

In terms of finding quality employees for our organization, here are some of the qualities we look for in potential employees:  

+ Solid work ethic

+ Proven reliability/dependability

+ Minimal employment changes

+ Strong professional references

+ Ability to work well within a team environment or be self-directed

+ Performance or production-driven

Your company might want to consider joining organizations and meetings where you can network with other companies. One of the things we do at Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT is have our staff attend Husker Harvest Days, which is held annually in Grand Island, Neb. We network closely with our peers, most of whom are fellow members of National Personnel Associates, which consists of over 400 of the top recruiting agencies in the United States and internationally.

If you are a local business utilizing local employees, you want to become heavily involved in your local Chamber of Commerce and other local professional organizations to remain connected with other business professionals and companies in the area.

We also look for individuals who will fit well within the culture of our organization. If your organization embraces a culture of excellent customer service, then you will want to source personnel who display a strong customer service skillset. 

Another example of an organization’s culture might be an innovative culture. In this type of organization the focus would be to source personnel who bring creative, innovative ideology to the organization. The key is to identify your organization’s culture so that you understand the type of personnel who will help your organization be highly successful.

A candidate we recently placed had these qualities:  Business mindset, always thinking three to five years down the road, a real visionary, not afraid to work, the type of person who you give a goal to and and he will achieve it. He has self-confidence, believes in himself, is a doer and doesn’t give excuses.

In terms of how to make your business attractive to new employees, including college graduates, here are some thoughts:

+ How do you show your employees appreciation?

+ Do you have an employee appreciation program in place?

+ Do you provide a welcoming, productive work environment?

+ Do you have an open-door policy for your employees to come to you with any concerns or issues?

+ Do you have an internship program in place?

+ Is your company staying up-to-date with today’s technology?

+ Does your organization have planned events where your employees can gather outside of the normal day-to-day work activities?

Through aligning yourself with other successful business professionals, targeting the qualities of employees that add value to your organization, and by making your business attractive to employees, you will add to your continued success as a happy business owner.

About the Author

Jack Hansen
Owner, Hansen Agri-Placement

Jack is the owner of Hansen Agri-Placement, located in Grand Island, Neb. He was raised on a ranch in the Western Nebraska Sandhills and established this business in 1959.

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Planting the seeds to grow a successful team Photo Courtesy: Hal Maggiore ( Hansen Agri-PLA..

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