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Professional permits required

No one wants to hear this under the typical scenario, being on the side of the road with bright lights flashing from the car behind you and an officer of the law peering through the driver’s side window. However, in the professional realm, a license and registration mean something entirely different… kind of.

At all levels of government; federal, state and local, licensing and permits may be required. Professionals will find that in order to step into certain occupations and earn a living, a license or permit may be required and/or the person may be required to register through a governmental agency in order to do business legally.

There are two basic purposes for the process of professional licenses and permits: To protect the public health, safety and aesthetics and to create revenue often through a levied taxation.

It is important to check directly with the appropriate governmental agencies. Never rely on existing businesses that are similar to yours as laws change and existing businesses are often “grandfathered” and new businesses must adhere to new rules and regulations.

Refer to this guide when researching what is necessary for your profession. There are specific professions that require an amount of education as well. We have listed some common occupations that require licensing to begin practicing legally and how to learn more about each license's requirements. This guide applies to the entry into these positions. Feel free to visit our website or contact the licensing offices for more information.

The State of Nebraska Licensure Requirements
The State of Nebraska Licensure Requirements

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