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Making your message clear and consistent

One word is the key to any branding: CONSISTENCY.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. This doesn’t mean you can’t use several methods of marketing. It means you just have to answer “Who are we?” in every aspect of your business. This concept has to permeate everything, you do, from logo to website to social media to print advertising to digital advertising (i.e. radio and TV). You need to convey to the consumer who you are and why they need to choose you over a competitor.

Branding is often an afterthought when starting a new business. Let’s be fair, you have enough to worry about while creating your new business, such as finances or training employees. However, everything you do, from your storefront to your logo to your website, is sending a message.

Make sure the message is consistent across the board. Think about GEICO™ Insurance “Save 15% in 15 minutes” or Motel 6™ “We’ll leave the light on for you.” They use numerous methods of advertising, but every message they send says who they are at the core. We all know most companies don’t have the marketing budgets of multi-million dollar companies like GEICO or Motel 6, but they can teach you a lesson about how to use consistency in your message.

My expertise is radio because I sell radio advertising. Now I’m not going to try and sell you a radio ad, at least not in this article, but I can use the medium of radio to demonstrate how to portray your message in advertising. I work with a company whose clientele is middle- to upper-income homeowners. Elegant Tile & Marble.

They selected the royal blue color to portray “rich and classy” in their logo and website. When producing their radio commercial, we wanted to use the theater of the mind by evoking thoughts of turning the consumers’ homes into grand mansions and palaces. We created a jingle using a big band style like Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble to give it an air of class. This is one small example of ensuring the message is consistent across multiple mediums.

Consistency is the key to branding a business of any kind. It should be one of the first considerations of any entrepreneur when deciding “Who are we?” and how to convey that message to the consumer. Not everyone has the budget for a commercial every hour on every radio station, but the key is to ensure your message is consistent, even down to your uniforms.

Last but not least, no matter how much marketing you are able to budget, be patient. The goal of branding and marketing is to keep your message in the minds of the consumer so when they think “I need a (insert your business product here),” they think of your consistent messaging and decide to give your company the first try!

About the Author

Anthony Jacobsen
Account Executive, NRG Media Central Nebraska

Anthony works with Classic Rock 101.5, Hits 106, Y102.3, 107.7 The Island and 1340 KGFW to help drive traffic, recruit, or generally brand their business.


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