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Buy Rite Finishing impacts the powder coating industry with the ColorBOARD

Powder coating has been around since the 1950s. In recent years, there has been an emergence of this finishing procedure in manufacturing. Powder coating and curing gives a longer lasting finish to parts and equipment.

It has also become a popular choice for metal artists and custom fabricators. In these industrial sectors, the need to change colors has become common practice. However, with traditional powder coating methods, changing finish colors and textures can be a timely and costly process.The Beesens own and operate Buy Rite Finishing

Buy Rite Finishing recognized this obstacle and developed a product that can quickly change from one powder color to another with efficiency. The need to clean powder hoppers between colors and to evacuate powder from air gun hoses is diminished with the ColorBOARD Color Management System developed by Buy Rite Finishing of Hastings, Neb.  The ColorBOARD is one of the latest additions to Buy Rite Finishing’s brand of Husker Finishing Equipment.

Buy Rite Finishing owners, Eric Beeson and his father, Jim Beeson, started Buy Rite Finishing in 2000. Prior to this, they had been on the service side of powder coating. They recognized the need for an experienced equipment finishing supplier for both used and new products.

The ColorBOARD is one of many developments from Buy Rite Finishing. Since its inception in 2010, the unit has been tested and sold to finishers throughout the United States. It has received rave reviews and has proven to be cost effective for powder coating operations.

“Since we started with the ColorBOARD, we are saving about two hours a day in upkeep on our powder coating,” said Craig Heywood of Oios Metals, Denver, Colo.

Heywood said Oios Metals saves about 40 hours a month on production using the ColorBOARD.

“It is simple to clean, simple to maintain and the time savings and value for what you get is exceptional,” he said.

In a typical powder coating process  the colored powder is kept in a pressurized hopper to be fluidized and then applied to a variety of surfaces. The most common surface is metal, but wood and plastic are often powder coated as well. The application process uses compressed air and a specially designed powder gun. After the powder is applied, it is then baked in an industrial curing oven.

In order to change colors when using traditional methods, you would have to stop production and thoroughly clean the hopper, hose, and gun and then refill with the new color.  This can take approximately 30 minutes per color change, but with the ColorBOARD, colors can be changed much quicker. The ColorBOARD can accommodate up to six different powder colors, allowing the operator to use two different powder guns for application. 

The ColorBOARD PRO comes equipped with Buy Rite Finishing’s proprietary ColorPURGE. This option also eliminates labor by allowing the powder gun and hose to be cleaned free of powder in a matter of seconds. A typical color change with the ColorBOARD takes approximately 30 seconds.

Eric and Jim learned many lessons during the development of this product. Research and development is always a risk for a small business because it can be costly and distract from other product lines.  

It takes a lot of time and effort, usually in place of another part of your business. We didn’t want the business that we already had in place to suffer because of this new drain on our time,” said Eric, Buy Rite president.

“An increase in the amount of time being spent almost always means an increase in the amount of money being spent. That said, we wanted to be sure that the money we were spending was efficiently going toward getting our product to market. We decided we needed to hire a marketing expert to navigate through everything and allow us to continue to concentrate on running our business.”

The ColorBOARD has been a work in progress. One of the most important steps for Buy Rite Finishing in its development was hiring a business consultant to help market the product when the time came. Reaching out for professional assistance was a step in the right direction. This helped them evaluate the marketability of the product, develop contracts, operational procedures, and agreements; and to understand the need for product registration and protection. Buy Rite Finishing also worked with price points, and created marketing collateral to raise the awareness of the availability of the ColorBOARD.

Buy Rite Finishing has become a leader in new and used powder coating equipment and has experienced growth in the last year due to the popularity of the ColorBOARD and other proprietary products. These products include high quality powder hoppers, color sieves and wash stations. In addition, Buy Rite has sales reps all over North America and partners with other finishing companies to create innovative solutions for their customers. 

The product line includes paint booths, washing stations, conveyors, ovens, hoppers and powder guns. Buy Rite Finishing is headquartered in Hastings and recently upgraded facilities to the Industrial Park East. Jim serves as the operations director and vice president of the company. Jim’s son, Eric, serves as the president and sales director. Eric’s son, Tayler Beeson, is the warehouse and service manager. 

Outside of the Beeson family, Buy Rite Finishing also employs three Sales and Support staff and contracts with independent service techs and installers throughout the country.

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